Trip To Asia – Let’s take a trip with us

On the last day of the year, we received an offer to make an application that shares useful information about travel, life and culture across all of Asia.

As a travel enthusiast with a lot of experience around the world, especially in Asia, our client wanted this application to concise contents that takes only about 3-4 minutes to read. However, countries and topics need to be varied. Our client also focused on the interface and wanted it to be clear, easy to use and as delicate as possible.

Manage all the news

In order to accomplish all those requirements, the development of a website that can manage all the news and categories is necessary. However, our client also needed the management page to meet the following requirements:

– Easy to use

– Manage news, countries and categories for each country

– Manage the entire users

-Authorize authors and editors.

Big challenge for design division

To meet the abovementioned requirements, we had to spend a lot of time to detail UX and UI. The application should be easy to use with simplified structure and elegant design.

Pure material design

To solve that problem above, our design team determined that we needed to apply material design in this project. Material design is a comprehensive solution in terms of interface while matching the goals of our studio. It is a combination of the following advantages:

– Simplicity and tidiness

– Unified design trend

– Proper use of material design will definitely make the application absolutely elegant

– New challenge for ourselves in learning and trying material design as a new concept of design.

– Exploration of users’ response to material design

Material design, proposed by google in 2014, originally dedicated for Android (version 5.0), is a design style that brings together a group of philosophies of surface, light, space, especially materials and the flexibility of the material without breaking the rules of physics. Material design is an upgrade of flat design with much more advantages, making the design easier to use and more vivid than previous designs.

In pursuit of this philosophy, we have assigned this project to designers with 2+ years of experience. It took us some time to research, but the results were as expected.

Maximum respect “material design”.

Logo Design

Our client had some knowledge in logo design and clearly stated the following requirements:

– The logo must be in words

– It must show the Asian culture

– It must be in the main color of the application

– Simple, mind-catching and interested.

Our team outlined a lot of ideas and applied a variety of techniques to meet the aforesaid requirements.


The application was successfully complete and met all the requirements especially in design thanks to the efforts of the design team and the development team.